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An Overview of PTZ Camera System

Posted by on 3/14/2017 to News

The PTZ camera is among the types of cameras you are likely to encounter when selecting a reliable security surveillance system. PTZ stands for ‘pan, tilt, and zoom’, and a camera system of this type can be beneficial over conventional stationary surveillance video systems. Regular security cameras typically have a default field of view, which you cannot adjust automatically or remotely. With a PTZ camera system, you do not have to manually adjust the focus and field of view of the footage, making it a more flexible and user-friendly surveillance solution. Moreover, the camera can rotate up to 360 degrees. High-quality PTZ cameras are perfect with remote viewing software, so you can easily manage and control them from your computer or mobile device.

When strategically and properly installed, a PTZ camera system can conduct full area surveillance. Most types of PTZ cameras can let you set up various surveillance modes according to viewing angle and the time of the day or night. The pan and tilt functions can be pre-programmed, so you can easily set up the cameras on tricky areas like rooftops and parking lots. The 360-degree function lets the camera cover large areas entirely on its own, so you do not have to install multiple PTZ cameras and you can save money while getting maximum protection from a reliable surveillance system.

High-end PTZ cameras have built-in motion tracking, which you can set to track and detect motion from an object or person. They can automatically pan, tilt, and zoom into the source of motion, even as it continues to move, too. That way, you can easily capture clearer images that you can use as evidence or as a means to identify individuals in case of vandalism or theft to your business or home. The best cameras have night vision, too, which lets them capture images in the dark or under dim lighting.