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Connecting A Wireless Security Camera to Wireless Router

Posted by SCD on 1/19/2017 to News

It can be troublesome to connect the wireless IP camera to a wireless router, especially if you have not done that before or you simply lack expertise and the experience to do it. After all, not everyone can be completely knowledgeable in networking technologies and terminology. But by following these steps, you should be able to successfully connect a wireless security camera system to a Wireless router on your own: 

  1. Access the web interface of the IP camera

    Some Wireless security cameras system are incapable of PoE, so their default IP address, along with NVRs and other IP cameras is, unless noted otherwise by the manufacturer or provider. You may have to change your network configuration to see the web service of the camera or use the IP config tool provided by the security camera provider to change the IP address.

    Use an Ethernet cable to connect your camera to your network before plugging the 12v DC adaptor. Wait around a minute to let the camera warm up and power up on its own and let the network access it. Using your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox), go to the IP address of the camera.

  2. Configure the address

    On the web service, look for the drop-down box with ‘WIRE(DEFAULT)’ and pick ‘wireless’. Click the ‘DEFAULT’ button beside the drop-down box, then click the radio button that says, ‘STATIC’. From there, you can alter the camera’s address, but make sure that it will not cause any problems with another device connected to your network. Likewise, make sure that the default gateway is right and the subnet mask is the same as the rest of the network. Remember that the Wireless address should not be the same as your wired address, so set it differently. Once you are done, remember to save and allow the device to refresh.

  3. Connect to the wireless router

    Find Setup, then choose Network, which should lead you to Wireless, and click ENABLE. Click ‘SEARCH SSID’ to find the available networks, or choose ‘ADD SSID’ if your network isn’t broadcasting on an SSID. Double-click your network’s name and input your credentials. Make sure the camera is connected properly by disconnecting the network cables and power from it. Wait 10 seconds before reconnecting the power, and give it two minutes to boot and connect to your newly configured wireless network. From there, try connecting the camera via your web browser using the newly configured wireless IP address.