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HDCVI – An Affordable HD Security Camera Secret

Posted by on 11/17/2016 to News

Theft and other crimes can occur any day, so it is essential for you to have effective measures to secure your home or business. HDCVI is a reasonably priced HD security camera solution that can help you in protecting your property. High-definition composite video interface cameras offer high-definition images, but you can get them at more reasonable price. The HDCVI camera is the latest advancements in security cameras, and what sets it apart from traditional CCTV systems is the way it transmits video signals. Unlike analog CCTV video, HDCVI transmits video signals over coaxial cables. 

Before HDCVI technology, conventional CCTV systems produced videos in 960h resolution (a 30 percent increase in the horizontal resolution). Hence, the maximum resolution was only up to 960 x 480 pixels. However, the need for greater transmission resulted in the switch to digital video using network IP or high definition serial digital interface (HD-SDI) video formats in HD security cameras. HDCVI became the preferred alternative to network IP video surveillance, since it relies on a licensed video transmitter and a receiver that can transmit videos in resolutions of up to 1080 pixels (1920 x 1080 pixels), uncompressed. 

The uncompressed video format is capable of transmitting signals over longer distances compared to what HD-SDI and network IP cameras can, and without bandwidth and latency issues. Moreover, HDCVI can transmit audio, control (PTZ or OSD), and video over one coaxial cable instead of using multiple separate cables for every transmission. This way, the technology becomes a cost-effective security solution. In most cases, the price of HDCVI is around the price of conventional CCTV systems, but less expensive than IP network and HD-SDI security systems. You can buy HDCVI security cameras from a reputable provider of high-end security systems online. Most kits come with HDCVI DVRs and cameras that have state-of-the-art features to help you make the most of the technology.