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Staying in Control Using Door Access Control Systems

Posted by on 11/17/2016 to News

Access control systems can make your property safer and protect it from intruders or unauthorized people. They come in different types, from simple electronic access control systems for single entry points to larger networked systems for many different rooms and departments in a building. Door access control systems can make it easier to manage your establishment because it eliminates the need to give individual keys. It also eliminates the problem of lost keys and issues associated with determining which people are able to access certain areas in your building. Hence, with access control systems, you have more control over safeguarding your property and your assets. 

The type of door access control systems you will need will depend on the unique requirements of your business and why you need one. The main reason for installing these systems is to keep unauthorized people away from any given area. Hence, door access control systems are typically installed in highly sensitive areas like server rooms, executive offices, and rooms where personnel or HR records are stored. They can be installed to track the employees that are coming in and out of the office or certain rooms, too. 

When choosing a door access control system, you need to consider the level of security that it can provide. Basic systems typically come with a swipe card or a keypad. Higher-end door access control systems offer multiple authentication methods, which may include voice recognition and fingerprinting. Moreover, consider having other systems that can connect to the door access control system, like CCTV and monitored alarms. These systems can be installed on any number of doors and entry or exit points that need to be secured in your building. Not every door needs to have an access control system. You can leave them closed and locked, and leave the keys to a trustworthy person. Hence, be sure to determine the types and the exact number of rooms and doors that must be secured before buying a door access control system for your business.