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Surveillance Camera Placement Is Important to Secure Your Business

Posted by on 11/17/2016 to News

Having the right surveillance systems is not enough. You also have to ensure that they are installed incorrectly. If you are serious about securing your business, you need to consider proper surveillance camera placement.  In fact, one of the most crucial parts of surveillance system planning is figuring out where to place the cameras. They have to be positioned in critical heavy-traffic areas. Likewise, you must consider installing surveillance cameras in restricted areas to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to enter and use those places. Here are some strategic locations you can consider: 

  • Entry and exit points – Place surveillance cameras at entrances and exits, so you can see who is entering or leaving the premises and you can easily capture or view people’s faces. Make sure that there is enough lighting in those places, images will not be too dark or too bright. Having surveillance cameras obviously installed at the entrance of your establishment may help discourage criminals from entering your premises, too.

  • High-traffic locations – The reception area is likely to have a lot of people. Most employees and visitors go through that area when they enter your building or office. Consider installing a covert surveillance camera that blends in with your décor there, such as in your clocks, door knobs, picture frames, or behind smoke detectors, statues, or sprinkler heads. If you are running a retail store, be sure to have surveillance cameras directed at POS areas and cashiers.

  • In the office – Surveillance cameras in the office can let you keep an eye on the employees and their behavior and working habits. Cameras can help you catch employees who are slacking off or engaging in the unwanted behavior, like bullying and harassment.

  • Restricted areas – Set up surveillance cameras in places like storage and supply rooms, server rooms, and other restricted areas. 

Surveillance camera placement is important for effective prevention and investigation. Cameras should be able to record everything that is happening in your premises, so optimum positioning is key.