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Things to Consider When Buying School Security Cameras

Posted by on 10/12/2016 to News

Advanced surveillance systems and security cameras have redefined the security monitoring and law enforcement measures. Because of the prevalence of crooked and corrupted elements of the society youngsters are always vulnerable and it is necessary to keep an eye on them and protect them. School administrations have found it highly important to equip their premises with security and surveillance systems. Thus, if you are a concerning authority at the school and you have the responsibility of installing security cameras in school; some important considerations are mentioned here so that you can buy a great deal for the surveillance and protection of the students.

IP/Megapixel: IP/Megapixel security cameras are far better than basic analog ones. They provide you with the feature like digital zoom that will give you high-quality images. These cameras will also provide you more features and functionality than the traditional ones. Additionally, IP cameras store the entire footage on a remote server. In an emergency, your footage will be safe for investigation and other requirements.

Weatherproof/Vandal Resistant: On school premises, cameras have to be everywhere to ensure the best possible surveillance of each and every corner of the school. For that, the cameras have to be weatherproof and vandal resistant. Kids are mischievous and they often target surveillance cameras to do headstrong activities. You have to make sure that your security cameras are able to withstand such activities.

Infrared Capability: Security cameras should be able to work properly in dark atmosphere or an atmosphere that is lacking proper natural or artificial light such as corridors and stairs. Such areas generally have low light than the other areas like classrooms or labs. A security camera with infrared capability can capture images and videos in low light and that gives you the control over so many potential situations.

Remote Monitoring: Remote monitoring is a great way to oversee things from a distance. You can operate and focus the camera wherever you want and also anticipate contingencies and gain control over the situation. With this special feature, you will have access to each camera and you can control it anytime and in any way possible.

Wide Field of View: Cameras that feature 180-degree or even 360-degree fields of view consist of several lenses and can do the job of four analog cameras. It enables a panoramic view of the area and nothing will be hidden from its sight.