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Tips to Install Outdoor Security Camera System

Posted by on 4/24/2017 to News

An outdoor security camera system is a great investment to ensure the safety of your property. However, proper installation is the key to making it work to your advantage. Set it up in the wrong place and it could be at risk for tampering and loss or may capture unclear footage. Moreover, you need to make sure that the complete security camera system comes with high-end equipment and devices that can produce and capture clear footage at all times. With those conditions in mind, here are a few tips to help you install a security camera system properly: 

·       Plan it out – Draft a layout of your property or get a copy of its blueprint to identify the areas that must be monitored. You may want to consider installing the cameras on all front and back doors, lawns, off-street windows, and your driveway.

·        Learn about your city or state’s surveillance laws – Check if your area has legislation on proper use of video monitoring equipment. This way, you can find learn about restricted and illegal locations, and if you need to put up signage to let people know that they are being watched.

·    Place the cameras strategically – Once you have determined the places you want to monitor outdoors, you need to decide where to place the cameras. Prioritize all entry points, like front and back doors.  Keep in mind that your neighbors have the right to sue you if they think that your outdoor security camera system is invading their privacy. Hence, make sure that your cameras are only aimed at your property at all times. Moreover, make sure that the cameras cannot easily be reached or tampered with.

·         Plan your wiring – Cables must be concealed. Run them through attics or walls, so no one can find or tamper with them.

·         Higher is not always better – Placing security cameras at a higher point will often provide the best range in view, but consider the possibility of loss of detail, especially when you have to monitor nearby objects. If you want a clearer picture, consider investing in a high-resolution camera. Otherwise, lower the placement of the camera.