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Why Should I Use Wide Dynamic Range Security Cameras

Posted by on 10/12/2016 to News

All cameras rely on proper lighting in order to capture high-quality images. It is even more important for security cameras to capture good quality images or videos in any type of light. The significance of what they capture is usually higher than other cameras. Some indoor areas have both dark and illuminated areas and it presents a challenge for standard security cameras to balance the contrast and exposure. It may make the footage partially or completely unusable in some cases.

Scenes or areas with light variations are called WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) images and to capture images or video of such scenes a WDR camera is required that has the ability to balance the contrast lighting and provide good quality images and videos. A WDR camera specializes in tackling the scenes with varying light and harsh lighting conditions. It offers near to perfect exposure quality in both light and dark areas. With it, a far better quality of the footage can be expected which was not the case with standard BLC (Back Light Compression) cameras.

Apart from the enhanced image quality, WDR cameras also provide more natural colors and accurate white balance for reduced noise in the image. It means that the images in not only better and original looking but also the reduced noise will reduce the size of the file making it easier to store and manage.

WDR cameras can be used at offices, banks and retail shops where the backlight is strong and the higher level of detail is required for facial recognition and other purposes. In car parks, ports or airports there is mostly reverse lighting conditions and the detail is needed for both the shadowed areas and the bright areas. In such conditions WDR cameras work just fine as they can easily balance the light and provide better image quality. Casinos and ATMs are the areas where the contrast is high, it becomes important to recognize the faces of people and prevent potential crime and capture criminals. This way, WDR cameras also come in handy as they solve the purpose of balancing the image.

WDR cameras are also widely used at gas stations, prisons, schools, and highways because there the lighting is dynamic and authorities need a device that can perform in the dynamic and tough conditions.